Create Your Kim Kardashian Style Wardrobe

Love them or despise them, the Kardashians know how to do streetstyle luxe.

When time is money, it helps to have a signature style and the Kardashians are schooling us all in streetstyle fashion. Read on for key looks that will get you looking that good too. 

No matter the trend, the Kardashians seem to put their own style spin on it.

You may have noticed that bodysuits and jeans paired with comfortable sneakers are one of the key looks the Kardashians wear. And for good reason too. When you have a curvy body a bodysuit does wonders for smoothing out all those lumps and bumps. A bodysuit gives a stunning silhouette. It pulls in tight at the waist and holds your boobs in place, giving you a gorgeous hourglass shape.

Denim jeans come in many different varieties. The Kardashians tend towards light denim, ripped and distressed denim and pastel or staple colored bodysuits. Think white, pink, beige, tan and so on. They’ve also been spotted wearing black skinny jeans with bodysuits or lingerie bodysuits for extra glam at night. Why not, you pay extra for gorgeous lingerie, may as well get a lot of use out of it. Pair with a black blazer and you are onto a style winner.

Crop tops and high waisted skirts are another staple style in the Kardashian wardrobe. Once you have found a signature style that works for you and your body shape stick with it. There are many ways you can change your look but still maintain your insta-famous style. Change the color, the material, the accessories but keep the crop top and bodycon skirt style.

It’s ultimately all about the finishing touches. Notice how their makeup is always on point. Eyebrows on fleek, lipstick perfectly matched and glossy luscious locks. Always. Even in track pants and a strappy singlet, their hair and makeup are always well finished.

Tell us about your own Kardashian style and how you make it work for you.

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