Denim, One of the Timeless yet Latest Fashion Trends

You know how there are some concepts or trends in the fashion world that just never go out style? There are too many people constantly wearing it and way too many celebrities seen wearing them as well that you know it’s a look that’s never becoming outdated. Denim is one those major trends in fashion. In 2016, denim has been as popular as ever. But wait, there’s more – denim isn’t just a continued trend, it’s also a latest trend. That’s right, vintage wear came back in style this year and with it came vintage denims! Let’s look at some of the most recurring denim styles that are popular this year:


Vintage Denim: Ripped Jeans, Patchwork Denim, Jackets, 90’s Jeans, etc.

Most important to note in denim fashion is of course the latest denim fashion trend – vintage or retro denim! This fashion scene makes use of all the classic denim wear items, from patchwork denim to ripped jeans, 90’s trouser like jeans, denim jackets and…you get the idea. These items complete the perfect retro or vintage look: casual yet perfectly stylish. Think wavy, messy hair, sneakers, sunglasses and bangles worn alongside the vintage denim pieces and you’ll get the perfect vintage look.


Unique Denim: Skirts, Dresses and Whatnot

While there’s no denying vintage denim is classic, there’s still a lot more variety available where denim is concerned. Many fashionistas love unique denim pieces like short skirts, full denim dresses, and even denim tank tops (yes, they exist!). These unique denim pieces offer an extremely casual yet confident look – and if you know how to boast them, you are going to rock them in the streets. PS. If you thinking of what to pair with such denim items, try whites (shoes, accessories, and other apparels)!


Classic Denim Overalls

Now that we’ve looked at vintage and unique, it’s time to focus on the denim trend that never dies: classic denim overalls. There are so many designs and variations available but the ultimate look wearing any of them is the same: classic, casual, and chic. Classic denim overalls are great for hangouts with friends or for street style trends. To add a cherry on top, they’re incredibly comfortable so wearing them feels as great as it looks!

Let’s just universally agree denim will never go out of style. From the 80’s to 2010’s, denim has never been considered out of fashion – and it probably never will.


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