Denim Addict: Best Styles of Jeans

Can you ever think about your wardrobe without a cool pair of jeans? Of course not, this is something that nobody can even dream of. Jeans have been in fashion for a long, long time and will always stay in fashion no matter what. There are several other pants and lowers that have been introduced in the past and are still emerging every now and then, but none of them can beat jeans itself. The fabric used in the making of jeans is dungaree cloth or denim. The typical color of jeans includes different shades of blue, however different color jeans are also there in the market to go perfectly well with the overall attire. As the fashion changes, the style and cuts of jeans changes.

From bell bottoms to skinny jeans, with the evolution of fashion, the design of jean changes. Jeans are usually worn in casual settings where an individual prefers to be comfortable and still look all dressed up. Different individuals prefer different styles of jeans as per their taste and liking. Wearing a cool pair of jeans gives a rough yet sexy look that is loved by every woman. You can find a number of jeans with different cuts, styles and looks. It is best for every woman to choose their special kind of jeans that will suit their personality and bring the best out of them. Below are some most common types of women jeans.


Jeggings: they are proudly known for their flexible and super stretchable feature. They not only provide total comfort, but also gives a stylish look by means of covering beautiful cuts of your legs.


Skinny: skinny jeans will never be called out of fashion. Skinny jeans make you look taller and leaner. They make your legs look long and lean.


Super skinny: these go very well with your office attire, however, they can also be worn off duty. They will look best if worn with heels.


Straight leg jeans: these are in fashion these days. They are tailor made keeping women needs into consideration. They can be worn by every woman bearing any type of body structure.


Slim Bootcut: these are a latest version of the class Bootcut that were worn in the past. These are fitted from the upper body while they flared out from the knee side. Women of any age having any kind of figure can wear this type of jeans.


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