What To Wear For Weddings: 12 Wonderful Dresses Ideas

Weddings are all about dressing up well and fashionably but with so many different types of weddings and so many fashion styles to choose from, the dressing up experience can be a little confusing. Here are styles and looks to match popular weddings so you’re always dressed properly when you go to them!


For Beach Weddings

On the shore or dock beach weddings are absolutely stunning but the waterfront, windy environment, and sand and stones all require you to dress up appropriately. However, for the right beach wedding look, you can always wear a short summer dress or knitted dress – it’s perfect for the beach-y environment and still makes you look fab. This outfit can be best worn in beach appropriate colors like coral, melon, light blue, or sea-green!


For Garden Weddings

Many wedding events are set up in gardens complete with lush grass everywhere and plants and flowers on the sides. For such weddings, you should always opt for printed dresses that make you look colorful and vivid! The best part is that you can always pair printed dresses with gold, silver, or bronze jewelry to your liking.


Formal, Black Tie Weddings

For such events, it is always a good idea to pull out the most sophisticated and elegant dresses you own such as lace or silk dresses. Colors like black, deep blue, red, and silver are perfect colors to opt for in such events. Additionally, you can always pull on your formal heels or wedding jewelry along with such outfits, completely ensuring your outfit and you look elegant and panache.


The Classic Look for Any Wedding

Of course, if you don’t want to worry your head about it and just choose an outfit that works for every event, we recommend a simple, lace white dress! This way, you can pair accessories and shoes with it according to the wedding type such as adding gold jewelry for formal weddings or adding colorful jewelry for a garden wedding.


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