Dress Guide According To Your Body Type

Choosing the right dress according to your body type is essential. We know how much you love A-line maxis or shift dresses, but you need to dress according to your body so that you can create that perfect look and hide away all those troubling areas (we know you have troubles too… who doesn’t). so here it is, the perfect guide that’s going to help you find the most flattering dress according to your body.


Rectangular Frame

Well, congratulations girl! If you’ve worked hard to achieve your rectangular body (proportionate chest, hips and shoulders) or you have been naturally blessed with one, be thankful because everything looks good on you. Go ahead and make your choice from amongst shift dresses, kaftans, empire line or just about anything you fancy.


Apple Shaped

Bigger boobs and a smaller butt? Well you have an apple shaped body girl and you need to dress to add some volume to your lower body. You should opt for ruffles on the bottom or peplum details. Also A-line dresses are also ideal when you want to add some good volume to the lower part of your body.


Hourglass Figure

Oh what we wouldn’t do to get that perfect balanced body! Go ahead girl and flaunt your style in fitted dresses, body-cons, belted or tailored dresses. Your perfect hourglass figure would look amazing in everything that accentuates your waist and enhances your curves.


Diamond Shaped

Have a wider butt and a narrow bust? You have a diamond shaped body and you’re bound to have some tummy troubles. But wait! Such body shapes have their legs to flaunt and you’re going to do just that in mini dresses. Also opt for v necks because they give an illusion of a bigger bosom and a fuller bust or dresses that nip at the waist.


Pear Shaped

Again your body type is characterized by a smaller bust and a bigger butt. If you have a curvy physique with a defined waist then go ahead and pick up dresses that add details and volume to your bust and balance out the rest of the body. Choose skater dresses as they look really good on pear shaped bodies.


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