One aspect of fashion that most people tend to ignore, is their personal comfort. Keeping up with trends includes wearing certain styles, cuts or deign and we understand that it is really easy to neglect one’s own comfort because of this. However, the fashion bandwagon is not made to carry ever one on perfectly, you follow some, you abandon some, and you create your own version of others.

A tricky thing about finding comfort in your own fashion and personal style is that, most people often associate comfort with wearing ill-fitting loose clothing –it is really not about that!

It all boils down to your personal choice and decision making to determine what makes you feel right, not just look right! So here are the top three things to consider before determining if anything is on your comfort alley –or if it should be tossed out faster than you can spell FASHION POLICE.


Comfort clothes

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The sheer size of an item should already ground in your decision about whether or not it is going to make you feel comfortable. While some fashion trends are big on body-hugging, above knee-length styles, you should either find a way to make that design work at a length you are comfortable with or you don’t bother with it at all.

When you’re checking out items to revamp your closet or change your look, remember to go for those which compliment your body and comfort your mind!




Aesthetics are one of the best things about fashion. Two items coupled together might have you feeling like you’re walking down a Pinterest runway. However, colors are what make or break your personal aesthetic. If you are not a fan of dark colors in your clothing, then a trend featuring a lot of darker hues may not have you feeling right –and that’s what comfort is about!

And note, your clothing color choice might not be same as your general color choice. Make sure whatever your colors selection is, it is for your clothing and not based off your general fondness.



Cotton, Lycra or Silk, whatever your material of comfort is, it should be the first thing you consider when picking out clothing or following a trend.

Some people react to lace or silk by itching when it touches their skin, while others just aren’t fond of certain materials. Depending on which you belong to, just make sure the material of what’s in your closet doesn’t make you want to peel off your skin.


There you go! Our checklist for everything that should make everyone comfortable. And yes, we know ‘BEAUTY IS PAIN’ but, nowhere does it say it always has to hurt you. Always put comfort first!


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