Exclusive Belts Style For Spring

It is true that leather belts can be a woman`s best accessory that can actually enhance the overall personality. However, picking up the right belt takes away all the points. Leather belts can be used differently. They can either be used for functional purpose or they can be used just for adding some spice on the plate. 


Let's shower some light on the factors that creates a huge difference while selecting the right kind of leather belt.


The size of the belt: it is seen that a belt is measured from the buckle end till the center hole. But every belt is different. Some are basic ones while others are braided. Therefore, as per expert advice it is always feasible to buy a belt that is bigger than the size of your waist. This way the belt after knitting the buckle will be able to cover at least the second belt loop. 


The width of the belt: women leather belts come in different styles having different width. It is important to make sure you select a belt that will go with the occasion. That means for formal settings, a belt should have a basic standard width ranging between 1 to 1.5 inches. However, belts that are very thin or very wide are tend to go to classic settings. Therefore, it is mandatory to look out for your belt`s width, keeping the occasion in mind. 


The quality of the leather belt: good quality leather belts are pliable then poor quality belts. Therefore, when gauging the quality, always look for this factor.  There are different types and qualities that exist in the world of leather. The ones that are natural and less processed will turn out to be the best and most durable ones. Whereas the ones that go through extensive processing methods will be lower quality leather belts. 


The buckle of the belt: it is the most important part of a leather belt. It is said to be the face of a leather belt. There are so many types of buckles available in the market, some are very fancy while others are basic and simple. For both formal and informal settings, simple basic style buckles are highly recommended. The overall look of your belt should stand out and speak for itself not just the buckle. Simple and basic buckles will always marked decency and elegance in the universe of fashion. Buckles comes in three basic types, buckle with a tongue, buckle with sliding latch and buckle with hooks. These are the basic and most commonly found types of buckle. Whichever style you want to go for, make sure it is refined and simple.


The color of the belt: from classic black and brown tones to colorful red and pink tones, you will find everything in the market. One important thing while opting for a belt is that it should go with your shoes. For formal events, basic colors should be your pick, whereas for informal events, colorful belts will be cherry on top.


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