Fall and Winter Season Essentials – Sweaters!

With the end of the year comes one of the most loved fashion trends of fall and winter fashion - we love getting cozy in our sweaters and cardigans! This wintery fashion trend is uncomplicated which is great for us girls because comfort is crucial when you’re going out on a snowy day or chilly night! 

Thankfully, the fashion world has understood our needs so there’s never any compromise between your fashion and style and your comfort. Staying warm and looking great now go hand in hand. Here at Zefinka, we have been out there, watching the runways and keeping on top of the high street offerings to bring you our guide to wearing sweaters and cardigans with chic street style during the cold months.  


Classic Brand Sweaters

These include all the classic brand name sweaters that are casual, cozy, and trending all at the same time. These super popular sweaters are made for comfort. Brand names embossed across the front, more often than not - hoodie at the back - they are our go-to essential winter wardrobe item. And they’re easy to pair with just about anything. 


Long Cardigans 

A variety of long cardigans are seen on the streets when fall or winter comes around. These cardigans cover the bum, go past your knees and look ultra-chic with skinny jeans and boots. These cardigans are open fronted giving a sophisticated, coat-like look without actually wearing a thick coat - sometimes the temperatures don't quite warrant a coat. These are great options if you still want to flaunt your overall outfit while remaining warm.  


Sweater Dresses

Cute and cozy, sweater dresses are many fashionistas’ favorite wardrobe item for the fall or winter season. Sweater dresses look incredibly cute especially if they fit you just right. And when you wear them with tights and furry boots, you are all set for your best winter look! 


Oversized Knitted Sweaters

Oversized knitted sweaters will never go out of style. Some manage to make them look hot and sexy while others manage to look adorable wearing them. Oversized knitted sweaters are ideal for every girl. Coming in an amazing variety of looks and styles, get ready to feel snug and warm in these oversized sweaters without looking unfashionable. 


Crop Top Sweaters

With the crop top trend being so famous all spring and summer, you’d hardly be surprised to know they’re just as popular in fall and winter as well. Sweaters in the form of crop tops are the latest winter trend that’s quickly becoming the favorite of fashion lovers everywhere!


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