Fall coats - Fall fashion 2019

Every season has a signature fashion item and for autumn, it's COATS!

Due to the weather transition from slightly warm to intensely chill on some days, you just have to be cozied up in a nice coat that can easily be dropped when the temperature goes higher.

What truly makes coats perfect for this season, is the fact that they can be worn as both outwear and indoors clothing too! The perfect all-rounder for every event, meeting, or outing this fall season.

So, have you stacked up your fall closet with the same, basic mid-thigh heavy coats that you wear all year round? There are more than one way to rock coats beautifully, and still maintain practical looks for the weather.

Why not keep an open mind regarding your fashion style for fall 2019 and check out these beautiful coat designs and styles that you can rock this season!


This is a simple, yet elegant, pullover hooded coat that has no visible front opening but may have drawstrings just above the waist or at the wrists. The material may be maybe leather or something thicker than normal cotton material and it usually comes in solid colors and some designs have faux fur on the collars for added insulation to the neck area.

Anoraks are best for the fall period because they can pass as tops if the front is completely covered or they can be rocked as stylish jackets, if there is a belt in the front design.

Cotton coats

We can all agree that cotton is a fan favorite material! In coats, cotton is used to make trench jackets like this double breasted beauty in the attached image. Due to the general lightness of the material, cotton makes for great fall clothing with normal room temperature for your body and enough space for airy feeling. These are perfect for the fall not just because they are warm, but also because they make you look extra cute!

Fleece coats

 Women Fall Fleece Coat

Fleece coats are mostly made with polyester material so you know that you are getting actual insulation with this beauty! Not only do they keep you warm, they also give you an air of sophistication with faux fur on the bodice. Fleece coats bring the perfect addition to your jean and boots outfit so there is almost no argument for not including them to your fall closet collection.

Wrap coats

Think style, think sophistication, think smart casual! That is everything Wrap coats give your look! A wrap coat can be faux fur, trench or even a beautifully designed Anorak.

Wrap coats give you a look of chicness, fun and adventure while keeping your sophisticated look —all in one jacket!

Hooded coats

Hoodies are the top clothing items that truly define cozy! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now a hooded coat? That's another level of comfort! It's like taking your bed and fluffy pillows with you wherever you go -you can't tell us that doesn't sound like perfection.

Coats with a hood work great for your fall style by finishing your outfit with a nice youthful addition!


There you go! Five great coat designs to rock this season!


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