Fall Fashion Trend: How to Wear Blue Blouse

Summer is a time to try on clothes which let the air pass by them because God knows your body needs some cooling from the overly dramatic sun in the summers. Dress shirts however have been in fashion for women for quite some time now and it gets really hard for women who only like to wear long sleeve dress shirts and have nothing else in their wardrobe to find something new to wear for the summers.


Wearing dress shirts in the summers would seem a bit off because you see everybody wearing clothes with stripes and laces, off shoulder tops and slip dresses.If you do not like these type of dresses or if you are simply tired or wearing the same sort of clothes every summer then this is the best thing that you would find anywhere. This long sleeve blue lapel blouse is the perfect piece of clothing that you need if you are looking for something new and adventurous to try.


The blouse has so many unique features to it which makes it a must have for every woman. It has so many levels to it. For starters you need to have your summer body ready to completely pull this blouse off. Secondly, it is a normal dress shirt, only way more sexier and classier. The cut it has on the back makes it stand out and gives you the sexy look that you desire for. This shirt has taken women dress shirts to a completely new level with what it has on its back.


Tiny white hearts are designed all over the shirt which makes it look even hotter and feminine. The blue coloured shirt would go perfectly with blue or black jeans, half cut or long, the shirt gives you plenty of options to choose from. It is not a seasonal shirt either, you can always wear a jacket over it in winters and it would still look classy with the tiny hearts it has. You can wear a jacket over it and even go to office, later on take the jacket off after office and you are all set to party.


Roll the sleeves up or keep them down, tuck one patch of the shirt inside the jeans from the front or leave it out, you can do so many different things with the shirt according to your liking. A very little piece of jewellery on the ears is the only thing you would need. You can always open a couple of buttons from the top to give yourself an even sexier look. Do not forget to wear a locket though if you are planning to put some sunlight on your chest area.


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