Fashion Outfits That Hide Your Tummy & Arms

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We all have varied body shapes. So, we get it when you feel self-conscious about your arms or tummy. For some of us, our tummies are where we store our wobbly bits and for others, it’s our arms. We’re here to help you solve this problem and get you feeling fashion fabulous!

Now, while we can’t make any promises about changing your body overnight — that takes some lifestyle changes: namely healthy food choices and exercise — we can offer you some fashion guidance on how to disguise your arms and tummy. With a little tip and trick here and there we can transform you from a nervous nelly into a serious summer stunner!

Let’s focus on arms first. It’s easy in winter of course with gorgeous coats and jackets. (Nobody notices the extra kilos in the colder months.) Look for tops and blouses with ¾ sleeves. Zefinka offers a great range of cute affordable striped blouses and tops with long sleeves. This doesn’t mean you shy away from camisoles and chic tanks. Wear trendy strappy singlets with sheer or netted shirts over the top.

For the beach, your best bet is to wear a colorful trendy cover-up kaftan or opt for a swimsuit with on-trend off-the-shoulder ruffles. Zefinka also offers many different stylish one-piece swimwear, great for hugging in that bulgy bit around your middle. If you don’t have this problem — lucky you! Go for the itty-bitty bikini — we offer this choice too. The best part is that all of our bathing suits are priced at a very affordable rate.

Okay, now onto that pesky belly that just won’t go away. The trick here is to choose clothes that are not clingy or too tight. Go for pants that are high-waist as this will naturally cinch your waistline. Tops that are draping or have frills/pleats are your best friend! They disguise your midline and create a more streamlined silhouette. When buying tops and dress you want to pick empire waistline styles as this accentuates your waist and creates a flattering look. Finally, wear shapewear — it’s every woman’s little secret that they are too shy/embarrassed to share.

Show us your #zefinkaoutfit and tag @zefinkastore and you could WIN a FREE OUTFIT! :D 

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