Fashion Tips for the Apple Shaped Body

Understanding how to dress for your body shape is almost as important as the clothes themselves. Today's blog concentrates on the Apple body shape and gives fashion tips on how to best accentuate your more desirable assets. 

The apple shape figure typically carries weight around the mid-section and chest. Uusally an ample bosom and protruding tummy. The torso, shoulders and back tend to be on the wide side, with legs and arms that are slender. The waist line will be undefined or have little definition to it. So, dressing for the apple shape is all about creating a waistline and enhancing your best bits… probably your legs and boobs! 

Your Chest
If you are a typical apple shape you are blessed with an ample chest. You might not think of this as a blessing. Whatever you think of your busty bosom, by accentuating it in the right way it can really help disguise your apple shape. We are not saying they need to be hanging out, but low necklines and deep V necklines will create a long neck which will balance out your apple shape. There is nothing wrong with showcasing what your mama gave you, so tap into your inner Dolly Parton and be proud of your body. 

Your Waistline 
You want to focus in on creating a waistline. Drawing your waist in will separate your upper and lower body in a more proportionate way. Apples are often also called boxey because the shoulders, torso and hips can create a box shape, rather than the rounder apple shape. By creating a waistline you break this box/apple shape up and have a more womanly figure.

An easy way to achieve this are with belted dresses or wrapping a belt around your outfit — a super popular trend right now anyway. A couple of key fashion tips; the belt should to be darker than the rest of clothes as it contrasts better — hightlighting the belt. Avoid large belts or corset stules belts and this have the adverse effect you are looking for. 

Another fashion tip for drawing in the waistline are dresses and skirts that have an empire line and nip under your bust. Clothing that has creative design features or embellishments across the waist area can also we good for drawing the eye to a waistline but be careful here; some details could end up making you look even rounder. Try before you buy to see what works for you. Really take your time shopping. Take a friend or grab a changing room assistant for a candid opinion. It is important that you wear what works with your shape rather than what you WANT to work with your shape. Be realistic, it won\t all look good on you. 

Your Legs & Hips
Try to accentuate hips and legs by wearing prints and patterns. If you have short legs, wear vertical stripes to elongate them. If you have long legs consider flares to reduce the difference in width between the top and bottom halves. 

Maxi dresses are also a great option for the apple shape, but make sure you pick out the right style. Stick to dresses that will break up your broad shoulders and back. Go for halter necks and singlet style straps. Avoid any sleeveless tanks as they will enhance the boxey/apple shape rather than reduce it. If you like the off the shoulder style, try a one shoulder look rather than both and let your slim arms take center stage. Wear accessories to draw the attention to them. 

No matter what your style or the social occasion, if you follow these fashion tips, you will nail it in every outfit. Take a look at some of the outfits we have picked out below for a little outfit inspiration, and a few links to the products that will help you copy them. 

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