Fashion Tips for the Athletic Shaped Body

Understanding how to dress for your body shape is almost as important as what you wear. Today's blog concentrates on women with a athletic body shape, and gives you fashion tips on how to best dress for your figure.

Whether you have a naturally athletic build or you have worked your butt off to get into shape, you will have a rectangular frame, powerful shoulders, straight hips and a sporty physique that are all typical characteristics of a Athletic shape. You may well think you have a “boy-ish” shape so dressing for the athletic shape is all about accentuating your feminine assets! 

Your Shoulders and Arms
It really depends on what features want flaunt or hide. Most athletic shapes women are best showing off their toned elegant shoulders and arms. You may be proud of muscular arms that you have been building and want to put your guns on display — so do just that. Halter tops, off shoulder tops and racerback tops are all great for showcasing you defined top line. Basically anything strapless is a winner for you as you have the perfect physique for it. 

Your Chest
If you have a curvier frame, excellent! But a lot of athletic shaped women tend to have flat chests. If you do have boobs, we suggest highlighting them to really accentuate your feminine side. You do not have put them on display, but think about wearing tops with embellished necklines or funky prints to draw the attenton to them in a subtle way. 

If you are flat chested or have no chest at all, don't worry. As we have seen on celebs like Keira Knightly and Kendall Jenner there are some tops, dresses and jumpsuits that only women who are members of the itty bitty committee could pull off. Triangle shaped tops, sheer materials, plunging necklines to the waist look sexy and sophisticated. Finally, less is more when it comes to the fashion world. 

Your Waist
Your tummy is probably one of your best features. Flat and quite possibly ripped with a six pack. Flashing it off a little is a great fashion tip for the athletic figure. Cute crop tops, two piece sets and sheer fabrics are A-MAZ-ING options for the athletic frame. The downside to having such a fantastic tummy, is that your hips probably match your stomach — flat! Most athletic shapes tend to have very straight hips with no swing to them at all. Anything you can do to create a little hip action is a winner. Pleated skirts, horizontal or diagonal lines, and bodycon style dresses will all help accentuate your hips. 

Your Legs
The legs of an athletic frame can go two ways; either muscular and toned or thin and skinny (no matter what you do to build them up). We say dress for the legs you have and what makes you feel most comfortable. If you have healthy looking toned legs than opt for denim cut offs in the summer and split leg skirts in the winter. If you are on the skinny side than flaunt them in skinny jeans or grab some palazzo's to make them look fuller. 

No matter what your style or the social occasion, if you follow these fashion tips, you won't struggle to style your body shape beyond workout clothing. Take a look at some of the outfits we have picked out below for a little outfit inspiration, and a few links to the products that will help you copy them. 

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