Fashion Tips for the Hourglass Shaped Body

Understanding how to dress for your body shape is almost as important as the clothes themselves. Today's blog concentrates on the Hourglass body shape and gives fashion tips on how to best accentuates your curvaceous figure.

If you are have a typical hourglass body, you will a large bust — a narrow waist — wide hips, forming the hourglass shape. It can be easy for pear-shaped women to confuse their shape with the hourglass-shape. The hourglass is the most desirable female frame. A beautifully full bust, drawn in waist and sexy swinging hips. So dressing for the hourglass figure is all about the enhancing what your mama gave you and really showcasing that hourglass shape. 

The Waist
Drawing in the waist is the first step to really emphasising the typical hourglass shape. A narrow waist accentuates both the top and bottom halves so is important to concentrate on this. A corset, or corset belt, are both great ideas to produce a narrowed waist but they are not the only way you can do this. Tailored clothes that nip in at the waist, tucking in tops or wearing bodysuits with high waisted clothes are perfect for pinching in the waist. When you don't focus on bringing the waist in, you can end up looking boxy with a wide bust and wide hips. Clothes that drop straight from the bust down without being pulled in at the waist are not flattering at all.

The Bust
Definitely ensure that you have good quality underwear. You want to treat your large boobs with supportive and properly fitted bra's. All good lingerie shops will have assistants to help ensure you have the right size, support and style that suits you. Once you have that all sorted, it is on to the clothes: V necks are the neckline for you. Seductively showcasing your ample cleveage and elongating your neck elegantly. Button up shirts are also a great option for the hourglass. The collar lengthens the neck and you can choose which button you wish to button too… depending on whether you want to cover up your cleavage or show it off. 

The Hips
When it comes to your hips, you want clothes that will flatter your curves and, if possible, elongate your legs. Pencil skirts of tailored pants are perfect for this. They really showcase the hourglass figure, especially worn with a tucked in blouse or a cropped top. Always stick to mid waist or high waisted bottoms as low waist can look somewhat confusing, cutting into your hourglass frame at an weird place on your body. We want you to be proud of your swinging hips and bootilicious butt. Jeans that hug the bum are A-MAZ-ING! Surprising flares look great on the hourglass figure. The flared leg with a tight fitting style complement each other. 

No matter what your style or the social occasion, if you follow the fashion tips, you will slay it in every outfit. Take a look at some of the outfits we have picked out below for a little outfit inspiration, and a few links to the products that will help you copy them. 

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