Fashion Tips for the Pear Shaped Body

Understanding how to dress for your body shape is almost as important as what you wear. Today's blog concentrates on the pear body shape and gives fashion tips on how to best accentuates your figure.

If you have a typical pear shaped body, you will have a broader lower body area than your shoulders and, most probably, a small bust — making a pear shape. Some ladies will have variations of the pear shape: short, tall, thin, plump but essentially your bottom half is wider than your top half. So dressing for the pear shape is all about the enhancing your top half. 

A great way to create the illusion of a more balanced body is to wear bright colors or bold prints on your top half. This will draw the attention up to top line. And when worn with neutral colors on the bottom, your top frame with take centre stage. This will make your overall figure appear more streamline. Your pear shape will disappear a little. 

As well as bright colors and bold prints, loose material tops will also provide a fuller top sections, especially if you have a small bust as well. Bell sleeves, Gypsy scrunched styles, and tops that draw in under the breasts are all ideal for the pear shaped woman. These types of tops will not only look stylish, they can fashionable change your pear shaped body in the most flattering way. 

Embroidery, embellishments, buttons and florals are another fashion tip for pear shaped women when shopping for tops. Tops that are adorned with any of the above or beading, pearls and glitter will attract the attention of any onlookers. You can style up your look as well as create a smoother frame. 

We do not want to forget about the bottom area completely now! You want to elongate the legs as much as possible. Tailored pants are best for this. As touched on above, opt for neutrel colors, the darker the better. And, if you can find vertical stripes, that is even better. Maxi skirts are also a good option with heels, but be sure to try on a few different types to see which suits you best. Turn-up jeans are also surprisingly good for pear shaped women. The turn-up actually lengthens the leg line winking-face winking-face

No matter what your style or the social occasion, if you follow these fashion tips, you will slay it in every outfit. Take a look at some of the outfits we have picked out below for a little outfit inspiration, and a few links to the products that will help you copy them. 

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