Fashionable Summer Work Outfits to Stop You Looking Boring

We hope you don't think that officewear means bland, boring, and dull because we certainly don't think that. Workplace fashion can one of the most challenging, yet fun, outfit selection processes to master! As long as you know how to do it right, you can make your office attire stylish and chic without compromising on a professional look. Or, maybe you have a relaxed office environment so you can really bring some fun to your daily business casual outfits. Here are a few different fashion tips to allow you to add life, color, and style to each and every day because when you feel good, you are more productive. Honestly, we looked it up. 

The Professional Look
For a feminine, professional and powerful work outfit, undoubtable the most stylish item you should own is a pencil skirt. These typically high waisted skirts have an air of determination, ambitious and a message that says “this bitch means business”. Pencil skirts come in a variety of designs but we say keep the pencil skirt simple, sticking with solid colors or patterns and use your top/tights/shirts and sheer to polish off the look. Silk shirt-style bodysuits, cropped colorful sweaters, a matching blazer or ruffled vest top are all great options to wear with your pencil skirt. The look and style this one item can provides is sensational and will have your turning heads as you walk the floor for all the right reasons! Pair it with some detailed tights and heels and you’ve got another great look. And depending on your personal style you can opt for either flats or heels, although heels do perfect the silhouette that a pencil skirt provides. 

The Business Casual Look 
With the emergence of Google-inspired offices across the world, the business casual look has started to become the norm for many offices, with the belief that wearing jeans makes employees more productive. We do not know the stats or whether this is actually true of jeans but we do like is experimenting with our business casual looks. Jeans have long since been the item of choice, having not been allowed to wear them to the office before. But, now-a-days we see business casual outfits that uses capri pants, slim lined ankle pants, pleated skirts and palazzo's all becoming popular options for the office. Especially in the summer months when it is just too damn hot for denim (and we don't think business casual quite extends to denim cut offs… booooooooo) These style of pants and skirts are typically light-weight, come in numerous colors and prints and can be easily paired with easy breezy tops, cardigans and sweaters. So we say, ditch the denim and get your hands on these comfortable, affordable bottoms. 

The Colorful Bold Look
If you think big bold colors aren’t for the workplace, think again. Vibrant colors are a great way to not look boring in the office and they bring an element of fun and confidence with them. Summer is the time for shocking pinks, daring reds and royal blues as long as you know how to pull it off. Wearing a single brightly colored item is ideal. Pairing one bright color with another can create clashing, which might look OK at a bar but could be quite at eye-soar in the office. We want to stop you looking boring but we don't want you to stand out for all the wrong reasons. You should bring more color into your work wardrobe, whether that is via your tops, bottoms, accessories or jewellery but think about how to introduce it carefully. You want colleagues, customers, and clients to pay attention to you and not on what is happening below your neckline. Your outfit should look good but not monopolise. 

If you know how to do it right, office fashion can be a truly fun challenge and also help you feel more confident, and so more productive! Yes, there are many studies that say what you wear correlates with how you perform. Below are some examples of fashionable summer outfit, in the three different styles we discussed above, to stop you looking boring this summer. 

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