Faux Fur Leather Pants are Awesome!

Leather pants, faux of course, tread the fine line between fabulous, and fashion faux pas. If you are not careful, it could all go horribly wrong. It comes down to 2 things ladies; the style of the pants you buy and what you decide to pair them with. We, at Zefinka, have been watching the celebrity style icons & fashion influencers to see how to do it. Read on for all the styling secrets.

Select a good style, material and fit!
Firstly, you need to spend a little time selecting the right pair of leather pants for you. These might not be what you intially had in mind, so be prepared to shift your mind set. Leather pants can be quite unforgiving so dependant on your body frame and shape you should buy those that best compliment it, rather than the ones you saw in the glossy magazine. It is better to have a higher waist and absolutely NO camel toe than that latest hipster style, tighter than is humanly possible to wear. 

Business at the Top, Party at the Bottom. 
One of the most popular ways of changing the “tasteless” reputation of the leather pant is to pair them with a shirt, pullover and blazer. Yes, we say business at the top and party at the bottom bitches! It is stylish, perfect for winter and layering, and is a winner every time. Untucked shirt ladies! 

Go for All Black Chic.
OK, we may have mnetioned this before so it is probably no brainer, but an all black outfit is instantly chic. Whether you like to opt for smooth and sleek with the turtleneck, or seductive sheer, you won't fail to impress in all black. 

Cold shoulder or Off Shoulder Tops.
A good pair of leather pants look stylish and, we think, rather sexy with a off the shoulder top or a cold shoulder sweater. Sexy but not over the top — and heading back to the “tasteless” look, They are elegant and can be worn with a singlet to add more layers and color options. Batwing sleeves are great with this look too. 

Black is Not Your Only Option.
The high streets and brands names have seen the rise in popularity of these stylish pants and have brought us a range of colors, browns, maroons, green and navy blue all look fabulous in leather. If you have a few different colors in your wardrobe the outfit combination becomes endless. Leather is versitile and can be paired with most other clothing if done right. 

Wear it with Confidence. 
Have confidence to be yourself and love the person you are. If that means you pop on your favorite red lippy or those leopard print disc earrings then go for it. If you like your DM's sling them on, if you prefer sparkling stiletto's, slip them on. You are unique and what you wear is an extension of your personality. When you feel good, you look amazing. 

Still not convinced? Check out some of the outfits below as to why we think that faux leather pants are awesome. And, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back
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