Feel the Warmth Inside : Chic Lookbook with Sweaters

It is rightly said that an individual is known best by the way they dress up. The way we dress up always sum up the season storyline. During the cold season, the most common feature of a woman's outfit is a sweater. From funky cashmere to thin chunky cotton, there is a wide range of sweaters you can wear during autumn and winter season. There are so many kinds of sweaters that exists in every woman's life. As every sweater cannot go with every outfit, therefore a wide range has been designed and aligned in order to keep a woman's closet going up the heels. In the present times, smart casual sweaters are in demand. Cute floral printed ones with  soft fabrics wins every other woman's heart. Currently it is all about monochromatic sweaters that are overwhelmed with pastel prints, oversized designed with cable knit that gives it an overall cooler look. There are so many options that women can opt for while dressing up in winters. In order to feel the warmth inside and yet look gorgeous, following are some types of sweaters that makes the trend mark upright.


Stripes sweaters: these go with every other outfit. You can do better with stripes not only  in your work setting, but also with your evening outfit.


Sweater dress: these are of different style,  designs and lengths. From mini to midi and maxi, you can find all types of lengths in sweater dress. Sweaterdress is tailor made in a style that is a bit body cognizant but still keeps the chic look intact.


Comfy turtle neck: for all those sensitive people out there who want to be properly covered yet are in style, turtle  neck sweaters are the best option they can possibly get hold of. It makes you not only properly warm, but at the same time keeps you in the style stoplight.


Oversized Boho–chic sweater: sweaters are the only piece of clothes that looks even better if bigger. An oversized boho chic sweater gives a very sophisticated look. They give a very up-to-the-minute look if paired with rough skinny jeans or pants.


Monochromatic style sweaters: nowadays one tone color sweaters are invading the market. Plain blues, pinks, grays and whites are stealing tons of hearts. They carry a classy look that is quiet enough on its own.

Apart from the above category, you may find dozens of new styles emerging every now and then. Their main focus should be how to be a style icon and set your own trend.


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