Five fall outfits that NEED a scarf

Majority of the fashion style for this fall season has to do with way too many layers, and the perfect cloths that are warm and light at the same time. Truly, it can be a lot to deal with.  But one cool way to pull off most of your looks this season is to add scarves!

Yes, you read it right. If you didn’t know, you are about to!

Scarves are the perfect addition to most of your fall outfits, draped across your shoulders or knotted lightly at the base of your neck.

If you are stuck in solid colors because of the fall weather (which is not a legit excuse if we are being honest), scarves give you the pop of color that your outfit needs! Also, when you are stuck on ideas for accessorizing in a practical way for the weather, you can simply throw on a scarf and look fabulous!

Here are five outfits that you must pair with a scarf this season!


Five fall outfits that NEED a scarf


Thick cotton dresses are all in this season and asides the must-have coats, another essential part of your outfit is a scarf!

A nice flowery scarf to match a dress with Solid colors or a simple scarf for a heavily patterened dress.

The scarf serves the purpose of accentuating your entire look and drawing attention to your face despite the overlay of clothes and the chill in the air.

You can lightly knot the scarf at the base of your neck if the cut of the dress is really low or somewhat high, so it remains practical and fashionable.


Anything plus boots


Autumn is the peak season of boots, in all designs and length. When paired up with the right clothes, boots take your entire outfit from a 0 to a 100 and for the final touch and topping, knock everyone's socks off with a beautiful soft scarf.

While boots make you appear confident and somewhat strict, the addition of a scarf brightens you up and creates a softer picture.

Long sleeved shirts


Checkered, chiffon, silk or any material in your closet, a long sleeved shirt is as regular for autumn as your thick coats. A better way to rock this staple outfit is by placing a beautiful scarf round your neck. You can wear an oversized statement scarf like the one above or, if the scarf is long enough you can loop it around your waist in a makeshift belt.



High-necked shirts are perfect for fall fashion because they give you warmth for the switch in weather. Although a scarf sounds weird for turtleneck tops, you can make it look beautiful by styling it right! You can wear the scarf in a full fold or a light knot to put the icing on your look!

Maxi skirts


The relatively newer addition to fall fashion are Maxi skirts. These babies are an all-in-one package that offer you comfort and warmth with ease of movement. Due to the light dainty nature of the material, you can bump it up with a beautiful scarf on any top you are wearing. The whole outfit will give you a graceful, elegant look.


Now you know better than to keep rocking these outfits without a scarf to match your style!



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