Five Ways to Rock Crochet This Fall

Crochet is one of those trends that never seems to go out of season –or our lives for that matter. From the warmers we wore as children, to the honchos we are slaying as adults.

This fall, you can go out of the norm and warm up with some heavy bundles of crochet designs for your favorite fall outfits. The material crochet makes you feel comfortable, in lightweight while warm enough for the autumn weather.

Wondering how to sway your crochet options for this season? Check out these five crochet outfit options.



Crochet sweaters are the most common style for crochet and we are definitely in love with them. These cuties are the perfect style options for fall because they make you feel comfortable, while being practical for the fall cold. They can be paired with jeans, jean skirts, maxi skirts or dungarees.




source: pinterest

An alternative to crochet sweaters, these cardigan-style jackets are amazing for this season. We love how well they work with chiffon inner-wears, tank-tops or even your favorite tee-shirt. Jeans and a boot are the perfect addition to make your outfit fall-ready. You can play around with accessories as you like for that personal touch that puts a skip in your step.

Mini dresses

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This is perfect for those babygirl feeling moments, when you want an adventurous look. Despite the chill in the weather, you can easily pull out your crochet mini dress. The design makes it your best choice for those days when the chill is easing off and you want your legs to breathe a little. You have the liberty to wear ankle boots, strappy sandals or your favorite sneakers –like we said, premium babygirl flex!


source: pinterest

You can get crochet skirts in maxi, midi and mini –depending on your personal preference. What makes them perfect for fall 2019 is their flexibility as casual or work outfits, based on how you pair them up. A long overcoat will perfect the look for work while sexy boots will help you showcase a fun appearance.



Scarves are a fall fashion staple and a better way to wear them is by having crochet mufflers. They are usually thick and funny so you get comfort and warmth at a go. The best thing about mufflers is that you don’t have to worry about pairing them as there is only one way they won’t work –patterned mufflers on patterned outfits.


So you know now, there is no need to turn down all your crocheted fashion gift items. Just find the best way to rock them!




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