Flashback: How Camouflage Tops Became a Fashion Trend

It is almost shocking that such a unique design never came into trend and was only used by the army people. The design is basically made for a purpose of getting invisible so that the enemy cannot see you in the jungle. Fashion however is the exact opposite of this. Fashion is about attracting eyes towards yourselves from every angle. Ironically when this design was introduced and started coming into fashion lately, it made people more visible than invisible.


People have given such a positive response to this style that companies started to print the camouflage design on everything. Trousers, bags, t shirts, dress shirts and even shoes. The design has some amazing versatile look to it, no matter where you put it on, it looks brilliant. The camouflage designs initially came in fashion for men. However we are seeing women camouflage clothing being introduced as well now. One certain type is trending pretty quickly.


The camouflage tops for women are something that everyone is looking for these days. They give such a beautiful look when worn over a pair of black jeans. They are not seasonal as well. These tops can be worn in different ways for different seasons. In summers you wouldn’t have to worry about anything, just this top and anything below it of your liking and comfortability would go perfectly with it.


There are different ways through which you can wear this top as well. Roll the sleeves up, let them be down, any way which you think suits you best. If it goes good for you both ways then try them both. Famous celebrities are seen wearing this top casually when they are out and about. If you do not have time and are getting late to be somewhere, this top with a hair bun, a nice pair of sunglasses, tight slim black jeans and slippers or shoes under would be the perfect look for you.


This top is the first thing you need to get for yourselves next if you are wanting to give your look the change it deserves and needs. It is time to show men that women can pull off camouflage clothes better than them.


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