For Days You Don’t Feel Like Waxing

We as girls know it’s not possible to be hairless and have smooth skin at all times. There are days we don’t really feel like waxing and then everything boils down to having compromise on our style. Well gone are those days. No longer do you have to give up on your style and wear drab clothes. Follow these fashion tips and the next time you don’t feel like waxing, go ahead and flaunt your sexy style with complete ease.


Cheery Colored Maxi

Maxi dresses do amazing wonders when you don’t feel like waxing. They not only hide your not-so-smooth and not waxed legs but they also take up your style quotient up a few notches. In summers go ahead and choose cheerful colors when its maxi dresses that you’re thinking about.


Off The Shoulder A-Line Dress

Off the shoulder trend is here to stay and A-line dresses or maxis in the off shoulder trend look amazing on days when you don’t feel like shaving. Go ahead and accessorize your long A-line dress as best as you can with embellished belts and statement necklaces. Better yet, pair them with your favorite heels to give yourself a long silhouette.



Don’t feel like wearing dresses and don’t have the heart to wax your legs as well. don’t worry, leggings are here to save the day. Leather leggings look amazing when paired with crop tops, off shoulder blouses and also stylish short dresses.



The multipurpose sexy jumpsuit is here to save the day every time. Don’t feel like wearing dresses, yet want something sexy, go for jumpsuits. Don’t want to wax but want to appear stylish, jumpsuits will work wonders. So go ahead and enjoy your day in solid colored jumpsuits. You could always opt for off shoulder designs if you want to bring notice to your upper body and add some drama to your wardrobe.



Want to flaunt your long legs (psst… those which aren’t shaved) try on some cutoff trousers. Well-fitting cutoff trousers look absolutely perfect and they go along with everything too. Blouses, tank tops, off shoulder blouses or button down shirts, cutoff trousers rock every look.


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