Formal Button-Down Shirts for Various Fashion Trends

Men are forever wearing formal button-down shirts in a traditional style but when women decide to wear them, there are many ways they can make them work! You can look hot and attractive, prim and professional, or preppy and sweet deciding on how you wear them. With so many options for women’s formal button-down shirts available, it’s always fun to see how you can wear them for various fashion trends!


The Professional yet Fashionable Look

Who says office dress shirts are only for men? Women all over are adopting the look and making it work for themselves and that, too, in an extremely fashionable manner. Pair a nicely pressed plain or neutral colored dress shirt with formal pants and maybe a formal jacket or suit and you’ve got the best professional look. Add in a pair of office heels and you look professional yet perfectly fashionable.


The Casual yet Chic Look

While on one hand formal button-down shirts can make you look purely professional, on the other they can give you a casual look that’s chic enough to wear out on the streets. For this fashion look, there are no rules. You can buy any kind and design of button-down shirts and make them work however you want. Pair with a tank top and keep the buttons open; wear it tucked inside your favorite jeans, or pull an oversized formal shirt over your tights – you can work it any way you like!


The Cute and Kinda Fancy Look

With dressy button-down shirts, you don’t simply have to settle for completely casual or completely professional – you can stay in between and look semi-formal, looking cute and kinda fancy wearing them. You can find a variety of formally tailored, fitted button-down shirts for women in various designs that are chic, sophisticated, cute, and pretty. You choose your favorite styles and make a perfect cute/fancy outfit from it. These shirts can be paired with skirts, bootleg jeans, trousers, or shorts.

So there you have it – the full spectrum of fashion trends that work easily if you have the right button-down formal shirt for it! You can make any trend work with these shirts so they’re definitely a wardrobe essential for anyone who loves staying fashionable all throughout the year.


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