Get the Grunge Look: Perfect Leather and Suede Skirt in Your Wardrobe

If you love women’s fashion to be a little more edgy and grunge and less feminine, your wardrobe definitely needs a leather and suede upgrade, especially in the skirts department. This is because skirts are typically considered feminine and pretty but when they’re made in materials like PU leather or suede in dark, rich colors, the effect immediately becomes edgier and sexier. PU leather skirts are as popular as leather jackets are, and for good reason. Anyone who loves the grunge look needs to own at least one leather mini skirt to get the grunge look down!


The jump from going into the edgy side of fashion can be a little daunting – you want to wear your new faux leather or suede skirt right, so here are a few looks you can get inspired from:


Sweater + Faux Leather or Suede Skirt + Statement Jewelry

This is the perfect blend of feminine and grunge. You can choose a plain sweater to tuck into your PU leather skirt or suede skirt and add a piece of statement jewelry such as a necklace or some bangles. The sweater adds the comfort and casual level to your look whereas the statement jewelry delivers a touch of femininity.


All Grunge Everything

One of our favorite looks is going all out with the grunge look. Black tights, leather or suede skirt, basic tee, leather jacket, and black boots with studs on them. It’s a daring and dark look that looks ultra-hot if you wear a little makeup and style your hair nicely.


The Sophisticated in Grunge Look

If you want to achieve a unique look that is equally grunge and sophisticated, you can accomplish it by wearing a fitted dress with your leather or suede skirt (tucked in) or wearing a fancy blouse on top, putting on some heels, and topping the look off with some jewelry and possibly a rich, fur coat. This look reeks of sophistication and still manages to make you look edgy.


Corporate-style Grunge Look

Edgy isn’t just daring – edgy is also sharp and professional so you can easily achieve a grunge look in corporate style fashion. Pair your narrow leather skirt with a fancy corporate blouse, put on a watch, and wear some formal heels to finish off the look.


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