12 Amazing Party Ideas to Wear Gold or Silver Sequined Skirts

Gold and silver sequined skirts never went out of style. They’ve been around since the disco 80’s era and never went out of fashion since then either. This is because the classic party wear look they offer is unbeatable and pairing them is exciting and fun. Gold and silver sequined skirts can be short or long, straight or flowing, and pale gold/silver or bright gold/silver. Any type that you choose, here are ways to pair them:


With Gray or Beige Chiffon Shirt: Silver sequined skirts go amazing with gray chiffon tops and gold sequined skirts go amazing with beige chiffon tops. The colors accentuate the sequined skirt and create a look that’s not too casual and not too fancy!


With White Tops: If you own a white top and also own a gold or silver sequined skirt, perfect! You’ve got the ideal party outfit in your hands. Simply pair with your favorite pair of heels and put on matching gold or silver jewelry and you’re good to go!


With Black Tops: Like white, gold and silver both go amazing with black tops so if you don’t feel like wearing white, you can always pair the sequined skirt with a black top.


With Pearl Accessories: The great thing about sequined skirts is that you get to wear plain tops with them and that means there’s always space for putting on accessories. While matching gold or silver jewelry looks great, if you want to keep things unique, try wearing your pearl white jewelry to give the entire look a dash of sophistication!


Gold or Silver Skirt with Denim: For a little different kind of look, skip everything and pair your gold or silver sequined skirt with a denim top. The denim can be dark or light and it offsets the skirt beautifully! We recommend pairing this look with some gold or silver jewelry to match.


Gold and Silver Skirts with Red or Navy Blue: If you want to skip neutral colors and wear proper colors, red and navy blue are your best options. Both colors go great with gold and silver so you can choose either one!


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