Gray in Fashion Is Becoming the New Black

Black’s soft alternative has always been the color gray. If you don’t like white and don’t want to wear black for a reason, the next neutral you pick is always gray. Gray works great in many fashion trends and styles so it’s always been a popular choice. But of late, gray is taking the fashion industry by storm with many runways and fashion walks boasting the color gray in its full glory. Even on the street style side, gray is emerging more and more as a popular fashion color, so it’s safe to say gray in fashion is becoming the new black! If you’re looking to jump on this bandwagon, here are a few ways you can wear and pair gray clothes:


Gray with Monochrome

Before you start pairing your gray clothing items with colors, you can always stick to the classic trend of matching gray with monochrome. For example you could wear black jeans, a white top, and pair it with a gray sweater easily! Even matching gray separately with black and white works well.


Gray with Light, Pastel Colors

Gray with light, pastel colors like baby pinks, baby blues, pale purple, soft yellows and turquoise, etc. looks great! It manages to stand out on its own all the while highlighting the other colors beautifully. The result is a soft colored ensemble that’s great to wear in any season!


Gray with a Bold Color

Just as gray can be easily mixed into light colors, gray can also be contrasted beautifully with any bold color. Think hot pink with gray or dark green with gray, neon pink with gray…and all the images that come to mind look totally wearable without anything looking off! The neutral tone of the gray balances the sharp tone of the bold color so it works perfectly.

Basically, gray is an amazing neutral color that works well with anything else! There are very few combinations that don’t work so chances are, you’ll manage to look fashionably top notch regardless of any combination you go for. And if you don’t want to mix in gray with any other color, you can wear plain gray as well because it’s a neutral color that doesn’t ever look “too much”!


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