Halloween Costume Inspiration: Easy to Copy Outfit Ideas

Halloween is our favourite holiday season! Each year we get the chance to unleash our naughty sides and be adventurous with our costume outfit ideas. This year is no exception, we have put together some inspiring outfits that are affordable and fun. 

Glitzy, glamorous and ghoulish, these costumes ideas embellish the horror characters we know and love. Embrace your inner gothic and look sexy and stylish all at the same time. To keep the costs down we suggest how you can let the makeup do the talking and pair your facial costume to a wardrobe staple for a fabulous and fashionable Halloween Outfits that will WOW! 

We warn you though, these ideas are not for the faint-hearted and could scare whoever you meet! 


How about a Spooky Ghost? But we are not suggesting you place a sheet over your head with holes cut out for eyes. No, we want you to look spooky and sexy. Cover your face, neck and hair in white powder makeup and smudge black eyebrow pencil around the eyes and across the cheekbones. This will give you the ghostly look you need. A little silver glimmer will complete this look. Then simply add a white flowing dress and you are ready to haunt the neighbours! 

           Halloween Outfits Ideas           Halloween Outfit Ideas 

Ever wanted to be a Gothic Enchantress? Here is your chance! Thick black eyeliner, bold eye colours and a deep dark lipstick is what you need to transform yourself. The gothic look is all about the eyes! Apply the eyeliner generously around the eyes and create a smouldering look. Using eyelash extensions exaggerate the look and if you are able to wear coloured contacts lenses, it will perfect the makeup. Add a lace trim address, fishnets tights, choker and boots! 

          Gothic Entrantress, bringing the green into the hair and makeup make for a stunning look. The plum lipstick is awesome           Gothic Entrantress, the choker, plunging neckline and pendant are great accessories for this gothic look

The Vampiress is a sexy, seductive characters and always a great option for Halloween. The makeup for the female vampire is the simplest. A shocking red lipstick and a little fake blood are really all you need. Fangs are a good option but become a little trick to talk with, so we opt for the red hair look — wash in and wash out. A dress with a plunging neckline and choker is what you need to complete this look.

          Fiendish Female Vampire, the excess blood around the mouth and red hair is all that is needed to look scary and sexy           Fiendish Female Vampire, be bold and wear halloween inspired fishnets and a corset to be the seductive sexy Vampiress         

Halloween would not be Halloween without a few zombies, but a Zombie Bride will make you stand out from the zombie crowd. You can really be as adventurous as you want with how you met your grisly end but a little white powder to bring the dead look to life and a wound is all you need. I think a simple slice throat does the trick (or treat!) nicely. A white lace dress and tiara will make sure that everyone knows you are a bride. 

           Zombie Bride, the wounds here are great and can be easily stuck on for an effective Halloween look           Zombie Bride, with a blood tear and cut throat - simple but does the job. All you need is a lace white dress and tiara


Shop for the items that will make your outfit here and look ghoulishly fabulous on Halloween Night! 


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