Looky, floosy, spooky! The pumpkin lantern season is here! Well, technically it has been here for a few weeks. But we are literally days away from Halloween 2019 and to say we are excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays, and with good reason too! The dark day ushers in thanksgiving and, by extension, black Friday and Christmas.

Asides from tricks, treats and late nights, the most exciting part of every Halloween are the costumes! Streets are going to be filled with truly creative, truly scary and truly ‘whatonearthisthis’ outfits.

To make sure your costume checks the right boxes, in true Halloween spirit, here are four costume ideas straight off Netflix Hollywood blockbusters –which you can pull off easily!



The main character from this Netflix young adult movie, Molly, is a know-it-all bookie who is facing a graduation crisis and tries to fit four years of high school lifestyle into a single night –with the help of her best friend, Amy.

This costume gives you that youngster vibes of funk and coolness. The plaid blazer and yellow turtleneck give you a serious look but the stockings throw that off and return the cool kid vibe!

If you have a close girlfriend that is willing, you can rock Halloween as Molly and Amy!



This last season of Stranger things, Netflix’s spooky mystery show, kept every viewer at the edge of their seats. And this character’s development did the same!

Prior to this season, we did not really know Robin but she soon became a fan favorite with her witty words and the much-hoped romance with Steve Harrington.

Channel the funky 1980s ice cream shop vibe with the signature uniform of Robin from season 3 of stranger things.




Always be my maybe was one of those movies that took your feelings up, shake it up a bit and delivered them back to you with a laugh! Sasha Tran was the female lead with the career crisis and her outfit choices as a teenager were also critical.

Still, they work just fine as Halloween costumes! No one is going to expect you to show up in dungarees, head warmer and the signature butterfly glasses. You can also take it up a notch by cutting your hair into the style she spots, or wearing a wig with that hairstyle.



Although her character was not anyone’s favorite, we cannot deny that Becca Vaughn’s final scene outfit would be a perfect Halloween look.

Pair a lacey white dress with some brown flats and pale up your skin to achieve the perfect jilted teenager look this Halloween!


Well, one thing is certain with these costumes, you will strike up a conversation every single time!

Have fun this Halloween!


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