Hot Stuff Coming Through! Summer's 10 Top Trends

This year the fashion industry has opened its arms to a vast variety of cuts and trends. It is indeed a year of unlimited choices in fashion. Talking about the eastern trends first we notice an increasing surge toward off shoulders and cup shoulders. The shirts are becoming loose to make it easier to breath in the hot summer air.  The color selection ranges from a collection of bright colors and ends at a beautiful touch of pastels opening up a range of variety for everyone to chose the colors of their own liking.  The shirt lengths have trimmed down from long lengths to medium or short lengths.


 The trousers are a real pleasure this summer as this summer we have an interesting trend of flappers more commonly known as flappers. The stores and outlets are over flowing with net flappers and cotton ones. The lawn shirts give a beautiful touch of traditional elegance with these flappers. Apart from that we have pentins that is a mixture of flapperss and trousers. These are seen as a top trend not only in casuals but also in formal wears.


When it comes to western wear we have many variations. The west has short summers so the trends tend to stay in place for the season. The trend of off shoulder crop tops is increasingly becoming famous there. Skirts and crop tops are the latest trend. Jumpsuits never tend to go out of fashion in the west although every year there are variations in the cuts but the overall outfit remains the same. Long frocks are very commonly worn in summers with bright floral prints. The fashion of florals never fades out in the west.  The mufflers and stoles are replaced with brightly colored scarves which are trending these days especially the ones in digital prints. The western women are in love with flowy dresses in summer party wears.


Men on the other hand move towards wearing more bright colors in casual outfits whereas the suits remain the same. The shoes worn by men change during the summer season. This time men are opting towards more comfortable sandals in summers. The latest trending sandals are available in a variety of bright colors.



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