How to add Feminine Ruffles to Your Wardrobe With Flare

Ruffles are a feature that brightens any outfit and immediately stops it looking boring and bland. This unique feminine design looks great on swimwear, skirts, dresses, and lingerie. Want to know the best way to wear ruffles to flatter your figure? Read on girlfriend! 

Want more ruffles? We do too! We couldn't be more excited about the return of the ruffle trend. We've seen layered ruffles, sheer ruffles, frills and ruffles, off-the-shoulder ruffles and more. 

Here's how to wear them this season so your look and style is modern and fresh. Nobody wants to look like you're wearing nana's frills from the 60s!

Try off the shoulder
Pair two trends at once? Why not! An off-the-shoulder dress with large ruffle can create a dramatic flair. 

Play with styles of ruffles
The beauty of ruffles is that this style looks great on any body type. You can wear casual ruffles on a skirt for a fun, playful look, or you can wear them on the sleeves of a classic, elegant blouse. The drama of ruffles is up to you — go glam or go casual — it is hard to mess up the ruffle look. 

Wear different materials
Did we mention ruffled swimwear is right on trend too? Try a ruffle bandeau bikini (great for all small busted ladies) or ruffles on your swimsuit bottoms for a cute chic look. Another place for ruffles is on lingerie. There's nothing more sensual than flowing wavy material made from sheer fabric. 

Change your look depending on your mood
Have you seen the ruffle silhouette? We've seen long maxi skirts adorned with cascading ruffles and it looks so fabulous! Pair your ruffle skirt with a bodysuit for a polished edgy look.

The best part is that ruffles are so easy to wear. No need to accessorize as the ruffles are the feature.

No matter how you feel about how to wear ruffles, there are endless options for necklines, hemlines, sleeves, and even pant legs. 

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