How to be Street Chic on the Cheap

Let us firstly dispel the myth, you do not need designer clothes to be street chic. You just need flare and inspiration — and we have bundles of that (or we have stolen it from the top style icons). So if you want to know how to be street chic on the cheap — just follow our simple tips. 

Mix and Match
Try mix and matching up your wardrobe, we bet that you will be surprised with the results when you pair that formal shirt with you go-to causal denim jacket. Sometimes it won't work out or maybe you just will not like that type of style on you but believe us you will create some absolutely amazing outfits. Invite your girls over and make a catwalk night of it. They will give you an honest opinion and give you the confidence to wear something different (that you might not have done if it was just you in front of the mirror). 

Use and Abuse Accessories
One super creative and very affordable way to look street chic, and create a number of different outfits, is to use and abuse the huge array of accessories that are available to us ladies, A simple silk scarf can double up as a neck scarf and head or hair scarf. Or depending on the length, triple up by threading it through the belt rings on your pants. Or even quadruple up, when you loop it around the handle of that old bag to bring it back to life. One accessory and the possibilities are huge. 

Invest in the Latest Trend
If you spend a little money on whatever the latest trend is, and then use the rest of your wardrobe to create a number of different outfits from it. If we take the humble but ever-so popular slip dress. You can pair this with a sweater and boots for a causal street look. Add heels and a belt and you have a part outfit. Pop a t-shirt underneath and wear sneakers and you have a cutesy coffee date style going on. Wear with a button up shirt and headband to channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Or if you prefer the laid back boho look, then add your bangles and ankle length cardigan. You can tailor a number of different outfits around one item. 

Be confident
One of the most stylish attributes to any outfit is the confidence in which you wear it. A confident woman can pull of any outfit. Many onlookers can't stop looking at her, and not because of her clothes (although of course, they help) but because of the ease is which she moves and talks and takes in people and her surroundings. A truly confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin is memorising. Love yourself and don't let anyone take that away from you. 

Consider your Make-up, Hair and Nails. 
Your makeup, hair and nails but no means need to be plucked, styled and manicure to an inch of their lives but whatever you style and look you are going for make sure it takes in the whole of your body and not just want to wear. if you love the shabby chic look go for it — add a messy bun, natural make up and short clean nails. it doesn't take a lot of effort it has a big impact.  

Have a Go-To
Whether it is a go-to color, or a favorite set of rings — have a unique go-to item that allows you to hold on to your style and have a signature that makes you. you! Maybe you love wearing oversized glasses or never without your postbox red lippy. It doesn’t have to be clothing; most signatures aren't items of clothing. You probably already have it but just don't know it because it is that familiar to you. Once you have it, experiment with it. Try different colored oversized glasses or slight different shade of red lippy. Those small changes will have an onlooker knowing something is different but they won't quite be able to put their finger on it. 

See below some styles and outfits we hope you take inspiration from. And, if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts using the hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits & you could win your cash back or get the same amount to spend again in store. 
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