How To Be The Woman That Everyone Looks At

Confidence is definitely an attractive quality but arrogance is not. Be confident in your clothes, and you'll easy command attention without being a diva. Whether you are thinner than average, larger than average, small, tall, blonde, brunette or strawberry blonde, the most important advice we can give you is to be happy in your skin. When you are not, this will can be picked up by the people around you. If you want to change your make-up, hair color, weight or pop on a pair of heels (to add some height) do it but make sure you are doing it because it is how you want to look like and not how you think you should look.

Our general rule of thumb when it comes to everyday fashion is “less if more”. Over the top make up can be quite garish. Too tight clothes that reveal bulging flesh is unsightly. An abundance of accessories hurt the onlookers eyes as they try to make out each one. And wearing shoes that you can't walk in is just dangerous (and you look like Bambi taking her first steps). So our advice is keep it simple. You can still add your own unique flare but try not to wear every style idea you have on one outing. 

Have you considered a signature look? Many of us will have a fashion style that we tend to prefer. Maybe you like bohemian prints and light weight fabrics. Are you a bit of a retro junkie, always in flares and 70's slogan tee's. Are you inspired by the fashion forward  Kardashian Clan and keep up with the latest glamorous trends. Is the gritty London scene your thing or do you like nothing better than the casual chic coming from L.A, all denim shorts, bell sleeved blouses and fedora's. A signature look is not boring or unimaginative. On the contrary, a woman with a signature look knows what she likes. Knows how to work the clothes she loves best. And because she is super comfortable, she is super confident. 

Thinking about your complete look is what will ensure that you are the woman that everyone looks at when you walking down the street or into a coffee shop. The clothes are important, of course but so it your hair, make-up, footwear and accessories. Don't spoil an amazing outfit by stepping out with unwashed hair or flashing hairy armpits (sorry to those love their flourishing of body hair but it is not for us). Tailor your make-up to your clothes, maybe a little electric blue liner would really bring out the blue of your jeans. Avoid footwear that does not match your outfit — even if that means flats (shorties be proud of your petite size)! Allow each element to compliment the other. 

Below are some of our favorite outfits and items from our store that will have you turning heads wherever you go. We hope they give you some style inspiration. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 
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