How To Create A Super Special Valentines Day on a Budget

Its Valentines Day!!! Have you got something special planned for that certain someone in your life? No? Are you running around trying to think of something amazing that won't break the bank? Well you have come to the right place… we have awesome ideas that are quick, easy and affordable to show that special someone that you reall love them. 

1. Love Messages Jar
Fill a jar with 52 short messages of love so that every Monday morning your love one can bat away the monday blues by reading a sweet message handwritten by you. This is such a thougtful gift that doesn't take long to put together and can be enjoyed the whole year, or if your loved one is greedy maybe they will read them all tonight! 

Love Messages Jar

2. A Romantic Picnic
Whether you have good weather or not, a romantic picnic is a beautiful idea and we all know that food is the way to anyone heart! If indoor, place a picnic blanket on the floor of the living and dim the lights. Candles and the dolcet tones of Barry White are always a winner for a romantic picnic. You don't have to go over board on the finger food either… win win. 

Romantic indoor picnic


3. Sensual Massage
Grab some nicely scented oils and give your special loved one a sensual massage. You don't need to be the world's best masseuse but it might be worth  spending a little time online getting the basics. Stage the scene. Place a comfy duvet on the floor with a towel drapped on top. Put log fire scenes on your laptop, some soothing whale music on in the background and then just slip into something a little more comfortable… to massage in of course! 

Romantic indoor picnic

4. Snuggle Up in a Hideaway
You might not be able to afford a weekend away but you can create a snug little hideaway in your own home. All you need is a little imagination and some fairy lights. This is such a cute idea. We know that as soon as your loved one walks in and sees it they will melt in your arms. 

Romantic Hideaway

5. Love Letters
Love letters are an old and forgotten art form. They are so romantic. Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a love letter can tell you that they are just the best. You could tailor your letters for certain time when your loved one needs to hear your soothing, loving words. Open this «When you are having a bad day», Open this «When you need to know how much I love you', Open this „When you are missing me“… and so on. 

Love Letters

6. A Valentine's Trail to Follow
Following a trail is fun and exciting. Start with leaving a note at your loved ones work, a cryptic message to get them to local pub to pick up the Prosecco or Chocolatier to pick up the chocolates you brought them. One clue can lead them to their car where you have snuck in a sexy polaroid of yourself. is there a favorite spot you always meet where you can hide a note. There are so many options but the last one should lead to you!  

A valentines love trail that leads to you

We hope these ideas have inspired you today. Have fun whatever you end up doing. Happy Valentines. 
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