How to Dress an Overweight Hourglass Figure

This is the beautiful body type that is full of curves. The hourglass figure means you possess a sexiest female frame and is considered the most desired amongst men and women alike. Here, we show you the best clothes that would work for the overweight hourglass figure and other tips that will create outfits that compliment your shape. 

Shirred Waist Dresses.
A dress with a shirred waist is a great option for anyone with an overweight hourglass figure for two reasons. They give comfort in the stretchy allowance of the material, but also provides a natural funnel shape. The elasticated, or scrunched, fabric will contour the body and draw attention to the smallest part. 
Many women chose an shirred waist dress with an accompanying waist bow tie or wrap around feature to provide a little more detail and break up a plain(ish) dress with a mid-feature. 

Midi Length Bell Skirts.
Opting for a midi length bell skirt means you can flash off your pins elegantly, and impressed with a pinched waist. A pinched waist accentuates both the bosom and the booty for a full and fabulous frame. Big pleats are our hot tip for women who are dressing for an overweight hourglass figure. They look stylish and compliment this shape. Try a chunky belt and tucked in top to really polish the look off. And the very bext thing about these skirts — if you can't stand trotting about in stilettos all day it does not matter, they look just as good with pretty ballerinas. 

Get the Right Intimates and Lingerie.
When you have a fuller bust and a gloriously big butt, make the most of them with the right underwear. A well fitted bra and briefs can make or break all the outfits you then add on top. If you want to draw your waist in with a corset or create a perkier breast placement, then this is where you start. Wearing a comfortable panties, that do not cut into your skin is a game changer. Spend some time in the lingerie section and talk with an assistant to help size you correctly. If you are wearing the right sizes in the underwear department you will be comfortable and confident. 

Bold Colors and Floral Patterns.
Bold colors and florals are unusually on trend this autumn and winter seasons, They have taken over the typical monochrome tones we usually see this time of year. That is good news for the overweight hourglass figures as these vibrant and stand colors look great on you. We are not sterotyping the «jolly big» characters often associated with overweight women but simply pointing out that when you have a blossoming bosom and an envious bum, they can be enhanced by bold colors.  

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