How to Dress if You Have a Apple Shaped Body

The very first thing to understand with an apple-shaped figure is that it is an Apple Shaped Body Type. Many women are mistake an apple shape with either a Pear Shaped figure or an Hourglass figure. Apple-Shaped bodied women have wide torso's, undefined waistlines and usually thin limbs. If weight is gained they tend to do it on their waist only rather then love handle hips, bingo wings or big butts. Therefore, the best ways to dress for the apple figure in summed up in 3 simple steps.


Step #1 — Flatten the Tummy

As you already have a fuller waist, you want to draw attention away from it. Avoid shorts, pants or skirts that have a low waistline. Go for standard or even high waists. When picking out tops, always opt for items that hang below the stomach area; tunics are a great option or long shirts. Thick belts don't tend to work as they allow bulging above and below which is not flattering and keep an eye out for light draping fabrics that do not cling to the tummy. 


Step #2 — Emphasize the Bust

Now we have gone through what not to wear, we can concentrate on what to wear. All clothing that emphasizes the bust, collar and neckline are a fabulous way to draw attention to your top line. V necks and plunging necklines are a great option. Dresses that tighten under the bust and flow over the tummy elegantly are simply perfect for the apple shape. With generally thin arms, try sleeveless tops that show off your slender limbs and accentuate the chest. 


Step #3 — Parade You Pins

Your legs will not only draw attention away from your middle, they will elongate your body and balance out your bottom half. Most women with apple-shaped figures have slim limbs and if you are lucky enough to possess such legs then we say flaunt them. Even if you feel that your legs are up to the job, believe us, they are. Heels are the most effective way to lengthen those pins but if you prefer flat comfort then opt for short shorts and pencil or tulip skirts. 



These are our tops tips for the How to Dress for the Apple Body Shape. Check out our favorite outfits below taking these tips into consideration and try them out yourself. We would love to hear from you and if they made you feel more confident.


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