How to Dress if You Have an Athletic Figure

Golden Rule: Accentuate the Top OR the Bottom.


Let's start at the top!

  • Draw attention to your slender, and probably rather muscular, arms and elegant neck. These are the best features of your top half and their stunning definitions should be allowed to shine. Racerbacks, halternecks and anything that is strapless suit your best. 
  • Tailored shirts with high collars or embellished necklines are great for playing up your bust, even if you feel you do not have much of one. The detail around the neck and shoulders will inadvertently draw attention to your bustline subtly. 
  • When choosing to sleeve or not to sleeve, we will always advise to go without a sleeve and flaunt those stunning slender arms but we know that not all women like their arms exposed. If this is you then we suggest wearing a 3/4 length sleeve to continue to elongate your arms and keep them slim. Use 
  • For outwear, stick with layering up. Layers work with your slim figure. Wearing a long singlet, a flowing blouse and a fitted blazer is the best ensemble for this slender frame. In fact, flowing materials, in general, are great for the athletic body type as they bring much need dimension to your straight silhouette. 



  • Dresses are easy because almost every dress works with your athletic frame. It really will just depend on what part of your body you want to show off. If you would like to draw attention to your bust then opt for anything strapless. However, if you want to flaunt those legs that reach to the stars then hitch up that hemline. It is really that simple for the athletic frame.  



Finish with the Bottom!

  • You are looking for bottoms that will elongate your legs and give the feeling that you are taller than you are, look for flared or boot cut trousers and jeans and wear with heels. You slender frame pulls these off so well. Avoid high waistlines as they could make your waist look bigger than it is as your have wide, although slender hips. 
  • When it comes to skirts, Tuliip and pleated styles are typical flattering as they bring much-needed volume and curves to your frame. These styles are nearly always fun and come in fabulous colors and patterns, so keep the top half relatively plain and low key.
  • Footwear can often be tricky as athletic frames suit trendy sneakers and trainers. However, because the figure is so straight heels can bring some angles that flats simple will not. The rule of thumb here is wear what matches the clothes. If you are going sporty and street casual, then get your Converse out. If you are wearing more formal fitted clothes then stick to heels. Ballerina pumps and low heeled boots should be avoided for most women with this body type. 


These are our tops tips for the How to Dress for the Athletic Figure. Check out our favorite outfit below taking these tips into consideration and try them out yourself. We would love to hear from you and if they made you feel more confident.


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