How to Dress if You Have an Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure means you possess a set of sexy, killer curves and is considered the most desired women's figure. If you have this seductive body type, you are one of the lucky ones. With a beautiful bust and hips that swing with savvy style, we envy you. Our guide will help you accentuate those impressive features and fill you with confidence. 


Balance Your Bosom.

  • Drawing in your waistline will prevent your bust looking bulky and unattractive. You have a great cleavage and should allow it to look splendid without it falling all over the place. This also means a good bra or bralette is essential. Take your time when shopping for your underwear as it will be what shapes the rest of your clothes. 
  • Tailored items, that nip in at the waist, are perfect but if you also look for materials that have a little give in them, they will cling to the curves and fall shapely showing off that hourglass figure. Soft materials like silk, satin, and knitwear are ideal for this shape and it falls softly for your curves and prevents you looking like a box. 
  • When choosing dresses, blouses or playsuits, a wrap around style is your best option. It is extremely flattering for the hourglass figure as it provides a V neckline, allows room for your bust without squashing it and is drawn in at the waistline. Narrow V necklines expose your neck and give the impression of a smaller bust which will balance you out. 
  • For outwear, pick out jackets that are belted or have a waist-defining closure. Try to steer clear of big bulky coats are this will give you own figure a big bulky look and we want to celebrate that shape. 
  • If after all these tips you still want to downplay your fabulous features then stick to dark shades and vertical stripes. 


Simple Streamlined Bottom

  • You are looking for bottoms that will elongate your legs and accentuate your curvacious hips. We want you to flaunt that gorgeous hourglass figure and being a little selective over what you wear can do just that. 
  • When it comes to skirts, A-Line and Pencil are typical flattering but with the curving hips that this body type posses they are the very best choice. The highlight the hips and draw in towards the hem giving the impression of a long leg. 
  • If you are not so keen on framed skirts and wish to wear loose options, then stick with soft fabrics that will hug your hips and drape. Avoid anything material that is too stiff as you will look a bit boxy down below. 
  • Flared trousers are also a smart choice for this figure. Probably not the first style that comes to mind when you have the hourglass shape but they are great for balancing out big hips and the skinny section really lengthens the legs. Skinny Jeans, however, are not so good unless the wearer has long legs, you make find the shorten your size and you look heavier built then you are. 
  • Stick to mid or high waisted pants. A waistline on low pants will run across your hips and could make them look wider. Although you want to accentuate your curves, you want to do it in the right way. Also, best to avoid embroidery or decoration around the hip area for the same reason. 


These are our tops tips for the How to Dress for the Hourglass Figure. Check out our favorite outfit below taking these tips into consideration and try them out yourself. We would love to hear from you and if they made you feel more confident.


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