How to Dress Like a Million Dollars (when you are totally broke)

Looking like a designer fashionista doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. Carefully picking out tasteful pieces, rocking some glamourous but costume accessories and pairing your ensemble perfectly is really all you need. See our top tips on how to dress like a million dollars, when you are flat out broke.

Tasteful not tacky.
Avoid going down the cheap imitation route. Faking it in fashion is not making it in fashion. Knock off clothes, bags and accessories look tacky and most people will know that are not real. Instead, opt for tasteful, chic items of clothing and you can't go wrong. A trip to your local thrift store or buying online can keep the costs down and there are untold treasures just waiting to be found. 

Chic costume jewelry.
Now, we know there are some utterly awful pieces of costume jewelry that are supposed to be worn on stage and not on the street, but if you take a little time to search around you can find a gem of a store (pun intended and I am talking about our store)! Jewelry is an affordable and easy way to style up your outfit. Some imitation pearls here, a little rhinestone there and you will be looking like a million dollars in no time. 

Perfect your pairing style.
Knowing your style and what you feel most comfortable is half the battle won when it comes to fashion. When you walk with confidence you ooze style, no matter what you are wearing. Well, there are a few exceptions… Lady Gaga may have been confident in her meat dress but it was defintely not a thing of beauty or style. Pairing your wardrobe items to make casual chic, party chic or everyday fashionista chic goes a long way to looking like a million dollars and all you have used is your fashion savvy mind. 

Follow the latest trends
A sure fire way to look designer sassy without the price tag is to follow the latest trends. Bold, bright colors have taen over winter this season. Mixing your patterns has become one of the most popular new trends. It fun and lets you pair together items in ways that you would never have imagined before — creating lots of new outfits from old clothes. 

Find the sales and freebies
When searching for clothes look out for sales and search the discounted section — we have a great discount page on here at Zefinka. Seek outthe  freebies such as free worldwird delivery, which we offer here at Zefinka. See where competition can help you reduce your cost, like the Post a Selfie competition we run here at Zefinka. There are so many ways to save pennies when shopping so take a little time to search for them and use them. 

Check out some of the outfits below that use the mantras we have listed above. And, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back. Even more way to Look Like a Million Dollars (when you are totally broke)! 
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