How To Dress Up During Snowfall!

Dressing up in a chilly weather is not easy at all. One can’t be a fashion follower every day when it is snowing and you need to pull on a lot of layering. Even if you are living in a very cold region since forever, you still need to make your mind work to think what to wear when it starts snowing all of a sudden!
Before we move on to dressing up ideas, here are some tips for staying warm.

Layering is necessary: A sweater with long sleeves on top with a lot of shirts beneath it is what you end up doing in a chilly weather. Even under your pants or jeans you need to wear think leggings or tights. Doubling up becomes essential in a sub-zero temperature.

Cover your hands and feet: It is really important to feel comfortable in a freezing weather. Fashion is important side by side but health and comfort still comes first. Always wear mittens or gloves and multiple pairs of socks to keep yourself warm.

Winter accessories: Knit head bands, scarves and earmuffs… pick what you prefer.
Remember again, style comes after health. Wear layers of clothing until you feel warm!
Here are some snow-dress ideas that will definitely help you out.

Brown coat paired up with black tights: A light coloured coat teamed up with a neutral coloured pair of tights (black for instance). Wear a check print muffler or scarf that mix and matches with your outfit. Black boots are a must to have in your closet. Wear them with this outfit idea. Leather gloves will help you keep warm and look amazing at the time. Don’t make a tight bun, let your hair drop on your shoulders for this look.

Grey and black: Dark colours look best in winters. Team up a pair of black tights and black jacket. Wear a white coloured shirt under the jacket. A grey muffler will add a pop of colour to complete this outfit. White beanie will totally fit with this outfit and protect you from the chilly weather.
Big boots teamed up with a red jacket: A pop of colour to a dull snowy day will help you refresh your mood. A striped black and white muffler worn over a monochromatic black outfit and a red jacket is perfect for a snowy day. But don’t forget the long boots!


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