How To Look Expensive on a Budget!

The secret to looking expensive on a limited budget is not as hard as you may think. We may treat ourselves every now and then to a designer label or dressy outfit but on the whole, most of us ladies do not have the Kardashian sized wallett to go on shopping sprees and purchase up the luxury fashion lines. So what can you do? 

Good News! It is possible, putting together an expensive looking outfit is about so much more than the highest price tag. We do not believe in a perfect wardrobe size but having a well balanced wardobe selection is key to looking great without spending a fortune. We have put together the hottest tips you can use to instantly make your outfit look high-end and chic

                                                                 Top Tips Pointing Down Hands

Wear White
White instantly gives off a polished look. Whether you prefer white jeans, a crisp shirt shirt an a all white jumpsuit, opting for white will always be a winner. 

Solange Knowles goes casual but looks super chic in this white dress and flats.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! 
Accessories can transform and outfit. They can bring the extra swag or elegance that you need to look expensive on a budget. Costume jewelry is big and bold and have become more tasteful than its distant cousins of the 90's. You can pick up gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and earrings for next to nothing nowadays. 

What you choose to accessorize with is just as as important as the clothes. Belts, bags, shoes, sunnies, shoes, jewelry and even make up can transform your casual gear to designer levels.

Invest in the Timeless Classics
The classics are classic for a reason. The are forever fashionable and have that classic chic style that comes with being worn since style began. The Little Black Dress. Red stilettos. Pencil skirt. Animal print. Tailored Blazer. All are classic items and will bring an outfit up to designer grade style. 

Audrey Hepburn has been a fashion icon for decades. Her classic look and vintage style will forever be fashionable

Hair & Beauty is Important
Looking after your skin and hair is important. Take some time to think about what colors suit your skin tone best and how your hair best suits you. You can have a scruffy bun and next to no make up if that is how you feel most comfortable but do it with a little finesse to really give yourself an expensive look. If you are skilled enough to create smokey eyes — fabulous — but stay away from going over the top or garish. 

Classic Make Up should be simple and elegant. Stay away from garish colors and too much application. 

How can you look like the rich and famous on a budget friendly wardrobe? We have your back. We have followed our own advice and below are all the amazing and affordable items in store to get you looking expensive on a budget. We are also providing FREE Worldwide Shipping to all our customers for even more money saving to you. 

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