How to Look Good when Traveling: 18 Outfit Ideas

Once the suitcase is packed you still have to figure out what you are going to wear to travel in — right? And if you are anything like us, you would have completely forgotten about this one small, but actually quite important, part of your travels. Traveling looks can be challenging. You want to look like you have made an effort and dressed up a little, but not too dressed up. Remember, whatever you choose to wear you should look confident, but comfort should still come first. You don’t want to make your trip miserable by wearing something inappropriate in the name of fashion.

What to Avoid
Let's start with what you should avoid. Some of these will be obvious (we hope) but better to have them laid out so there is no confusion. 

Mini Skirts. This is our top No, No. Mini skirts can look absolutely fabulous and we totally love them. But, there is a time and a place to wear them and travelling is not one of them. Pack them, don't travel in them.  

White Clothes. if you can help it, leave your white goods for when you arrive and not while you are on the go. White does look fresh and crisp but can unfortunately be easily stained or made grubby. Once they are marked you can't get to your clothes to change and have to walk around with the coffee spot on your top for the rest of the trip.

Leather Pants. We know just how instantly hot leather pants can make any outfit but they are definitely not the right choice for a trip. Whether a plane, train and automobile — leather pants are not going to be a comfortable option. If you really want to wear them, pack them in your holdall and change as just before landing as leather doesn't crease.

 -Anything that creases. As we were talking about creases… opt for clothes that do not crease easily. Comfy cottons, loose fabrics, soft jeans, trendy sweatpants and sheer fabrics are all good options. 

What to Wear 
So now we have what to avoid out the way, let's get onto the good stuff… what to wear! We have some airport outfit ideas that will have you looking stylish while feeling comfortable as you travel. 

 - Sleeveless Tops & Cardigans. When travelling it is always a good idea to have the ability to become cooler or warmer easily. Different transport, buildings and environments all come with their very own temperatures. Sleeveless means (sorry to get graphic) that you can get some air to your armpits which can cool you quicker that tops with sleeves. Then just throw your cardigan back on when needed. 

 - Jeggings/Leggings with Long Top. We are here to tell you that jeggings and leggings are OK to travel in, they do not make you an instant slob. But, you have to pick up the right sort of pair. Good quality material that does not over-stretch and does not bauble. When you opt for these comfortable pants ensure that you pair with a long top. Avoid any compromising sights but wearing tops that reach your thigh section.

 - Slouch Sweatpants. When you purchase a good pair on slough pants that pinch at the ankle you can pretty much pair them with anything. An off-shoulder sweater, a satin camisole, high neck ribbed top, simple white vest and denim jacket. So many options and they will all look great. The added benefit, you can quickly switch up your flats to heels as you walk off the plane. Both look great! 

 - Midi/Floor Length Dress. Some summer maxi's should be saved for your social events while on vacay, but if worn right there are lovely midi & floor length dresses that look and feel great when travelling. Flats, such as sneakers are ideal from dressing down a gorgeous dress and are way more comfy than wedges. 

 - Sweater with ripped jeans: The classic travelling outfit. All the looks described above are super easy to pull off but this one is the simplest. Pair up your favorite sweater with a pair of ripped jeans and cute pumps for a stylish and comfy look. When you feel confident and remain comfy, you will look good. You will be happy and wearing a smile is key to looking great when you travel. 

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