How to Make The Most Basic Outfit Look Good

Nobody wants to look boring — ever, right? So how do you get cool edgy style without having to spend hours planning the perfect outfit? Let us show you how. 

I know you’re thinking staples and a capsule wardrobe is a great idea for ease of styling. And it is — it’s easy on the imagination and leaves you with more time to think about makeup — but nobody wants to look like a plain Jane and be left with uninteresting style. So, here’s how you jazz up your outfit and ensure you’re always looking your best.

It’s easier than you think. Quite often, celebrities and stylists make small tweaks to their outfit that make big differences in terms of style. An example of this is tying or tucking your tee into your jeans or skirt. This creates a fabulous silhouette and gives your outfit a stylishly chic edge. Another option is to belt your dress. You can even do this over your layers to create a small waist.

Another small fashion fix that will take your outfit from boring to brilliant is to cuff your jeans. Want to show off your latest footwear purchase? This is the way to do it. It also elongates your legs and makes your outfit much more interesting. The trick is to make it look casual and chic rather than perfectly symmetrical.

Our last tip for the day is to create a signature style or item of clothing that you are known for. Think Audrey Hepburn: Little Black Dress, Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of Diamonds, Jacqueline Kennedy: Simplistically Chic, Kate Moss: Festival Boho-chic Goddess. You get the idea.

If you know you look great in a large, floppy hat — always wear it. If you look fabulous in florals — go big and always make sure you have a floral component to your outfit. If you love all black, stick with it. Think about what you always get complimented on and make sure to stick with your signature style. After all — it’s what everybody loves you for. 

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