Fall Transitioning To Winter This Year: Top 12 Lightest Looks

People find beauty in all sorts of different things, and quite rightly so. If everyone saw beauty in the same thing, there wouldn’t be any charm left in it, right? However, many of us somehow remain oblivious to the beauty that the phenomenon of change bears in itself; for instance, the changing seasons.


The winds of change have already blown fall into our faces, introducing yet another new aspect of surreal beauty for us to embrace gleefully. And one aspect of embracing this striking beauty is to get our wardrobes ready for it, which makes it quite a bit more interesting as well as challenging. How, if you are wondering? Well, unlike other seasons where you are certain to wear a dress for a whole day, fall can be really tricky throwing 50 degree mornings followed by 80 degree afternoons.


So, here are some easy ways for you to get away with fall more elegantly, gracefully and conveniently than carrying a jacket along all day long, waiting for the right moment to pull it on and off.


Make Friends with Light Layers: It’s better to leave your jackets well packed and stacked into closets; instead, go for light layers like a chambray button down, an elegant cardigan, a vest or a flowery duster. Such lighter options not only offer you enough warmth to carry through the colder mornings without shivering, but you can also remove them as soon as you feel warm enough through the afternoon, stashing them in your purse or tying around your waist.  


Take Light on Fabrics as Well: Just like light layers, light fabrics also work wonders for fall. Sure, there’s nothing better than the coziness of a leather or tweed, but isn’t it better until consistent cold takes over? Again, light fabrics not only help you with layering, but also offer great bit of breathability to your skin. 


It’s About Time You Brought Out Those Scarves: Believe it or not, it’s about time you reached out for that lovely scarf you didn’t get enough time to wear last year. In fact, scarves happen to be one of the most underrated, underused but awesome accessories that can fill your falls with just the right kind of warmth and color.


Get Those Booties/Peep Toes “Kicking” In: Now is the best time to do so. Why? Because cold mornings no more remain much friendly for those open toe sandals that you dearly love, requiring something in-between, which covers your feet as much as it bares them.  


So, follow these simple tips and tricks to make the most out of your fall 2016 to find yourself welcoming winters merrily.


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