How to make Your Style Unique - Love Yourself

Whether you love them or hate them, there are some women in the public eye that have unique senses of style. Those styles might not (undoubtedly not) be your kind of thing but we admire them for having the belief in themselves to wear exactly what they want. And let's face it, they work their clothes with such conviction that it is hard to admit they are anything but truly fashionable. 

                  How to make Your Style Unique - Love Yourself 

So what does your wardrobe say about you? Is it a true reflection on how you really like to dress? Does it have the pop of neon color that you love or the bohemian flare that you crave to strut around in but don't dare? Are you sticking to the lines and staying in clothes that you believe are socially acceptable and, dare we say it, boring? 


If your selection of outfits is more like the latter, fear not. There are many ways you can do to put more of your personality into your wardrobe. You don't have to break the bank to do it, it can be truly simple and we can promise you, you will feel much better having made some changes to reflect your true fashion sense. 


Take some time to really channel your fashion inspirations. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to cuts, colors, and style but they will have been inspired by someone or some era. Figure out who's style you admire or when you wished you were born so you could wear THOSE ensembles. Once you know your «brand», you are ready to start changing up your current wardrobe. 


One of the most affordable and fun ways to do this is with accessories. Add character to your outfit using accessories without going too over the top. If you are a big fan of 19th-century silhouette dresses; pick up a corset to layer over your outfit. If you are a true Tomboy at heart; a baseball cap is a great investment and quite inexpensive so you can stock up. Love nothing more than the carefree 70's style; head scarfs and Lolita sunglasses. 


You need to really let your style juices flow. It is important in fashion to know who you are and have your own personal brand that sets you apart from everyone else. There is no wrong or right when it comes to fashion. Each and every one has the power to wear the clothes that they love and make them feel good about themselves. Once you are comfortable with your inner punk rocker or artsy trendsetter, you too will work your clothes with such conviction that it will be hard to deny your fabulous fashion sense. 


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