How to Master the Casual French Chic Style

When you think style, you can't help but think fashion capital of the world — Paris. There's something about the way French women can pull of any outfit and look très élégant without even trying. Yet when you put on the dress you bought last week it doesn't look nearly as fabulous. There are a few tricks to it and Here at Zefinka, we show you all the insider secrets to get you a certain je ne sais quoi.


There's a reason France is associated with style and couture fashion. While you may immediately think of high-fashion and iconic striped shirts, and berets, it's much more. It's the everyday choices they make to pair tailored clothes with on trend and statement pieces that make you think there's a hidden set of style rules they follow.


French girls live not by fashion trends but their own unique style. They understand that the right mix of fabrics and colors can make or break an outfit. Interestingly, you will notice they most often start with a neutral palette and have one or two standout items (think red beret or sparkly flats). This gives their outfit a polished, yet sassy style.


'Less is more'; a common phrase you will hear when describing the casual French style. The French have a minimalistic approach to accessories and invest in quality statement pieces that will make almost any outfit pop. Just make sure your clothes fit well. If not, it's time to invest in a tailor.


Basics are best: There's a reason Brigitte Bardot is a style icon. Take a page from her style book and pair slim pants, a cardigan and ballet flats for a polished look. Remember to finish your outfit with a beautiful print scarf tied nonchalantly around your neck. 


Aside from the classic Bréton shirt, the French look is about embracing your own individual style and wearing it with confidence. Try these fashion tips, invest in a few staple Zefinka pieces, and show us your unique gorgeous style. 

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