How to Master the Punk Look

Punk fashion varies widely and is closely associated with the punk music movement. Many punks use clothing as a way of making a statement and express themselves. Punk girls have attitude, they are unapologetically independent, bold, and self-assured. They look fierce and so will you with our guide on How to Master the Punk Look.


Punk is a lifestyle! You don't have to love Punk music but you should do. The anarchy and chaos that is the backbone of punk. You should live and breath it to really love the fashion and what is at the core of it. However, failing that we can give you the best tips to make your outfit display the inner punk in you. 


To really style out the punk look you have to lose all your inhibitions. Punk girls don’t buckle under the pressure to conform to society’s standards of appropriate female clothing. They wear what they like when they like. They mix up all the normal rules and turn a typical fashion faux pas into a fashion statement. 


When you are selecting your wardrobe choices — go eclectic! Steers towards to the grunge clothes rails and borderline goth style. Contrary to what you may think, Punk is not all about black. Color is often used in punk outfits but there is always a dark element to the ensemble. If you don't have too many bright clothes that is not a problem — colors are often used in different ways, such as in the hair or the makeup too. 


Punk fashion brings accessories to the forefront, but not your usual conventional bags or dainty necklaces. Punk fashion incorporates studs, spikes, chains, and chokers. With this style, you won't need flashy jewelry or dangly earrings. If jewelry is worn at all it would be pierced noses and lips — there are fake options if you do not want to take the look at that far — remember Victoria Beckham's 2001 Party in the Park? 


These are our tops tips for the How to Master the Punk Look.They are simple, standout and so easy to recreate in your own home. Check out our favorite outfits below and try them yourself. We would love to hear from you and if they made you feel more confident.


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