How to NOT Look Boring for Work

Dressing for work does not have to be boring at all. Forget being super conservative or thinking that plain suits are the only option for women in the workplace. You can opt for style and sophistication without losing your professionalism. Bring fashionable trends into your office wardrobe and be the #bosslady (Urban Dictionary: a women who can accomplish all tasks while remaining beautiful)

Here are a few ways you can add color, textures and style to your office ensembles!

Business Casual
The business casual look has become more acceptable in recent years, as work places understand that production goes up when workers are comfortable in their clothes. Embrace this popular trend without losing any of your skilled professional image. Blazer, shirt and tailored jeans is the go-to for this look but business casual really means any outfit that provides a air of business-like wear. Think fitted, chic and well «preppy». 

Invest in Capri Pants
With the Summer month approaching, this fashion tip could not be more suitable. Capri pants are both smart and fun. The high streets have fully understood the need to look professional while wanting to remain stylish and provide a huge range of Capri pants. From checked, to plaid, to bold colors to high waists, the options are endless. The high cut hems means footwear options and believe us, all smart footwear suits these prints — although our top tip would be the flat the shoe the lower the hemline. 

Bring Color To Your Wardrobe 
The office does not need to be all black, grays and whites. We are not suggesting rocking up wearing every color in the rainbow, we are suggesting that you add bold colors to your office days. Pair a gorgeous hot pink blouse with black Capri's or consider red pants, navy blazer and a simple Bretton top. Another great way to add color if through jewelry or accessories. Tassel earrings or a silk neck scarf both look at home in the work place. 

Dress to Impress
Dresses look smart, and womanly. We do not want to feel like a dress is the work place shows a vulnerability. We are women. We are intelligent women. We are powerful women. And we shouldn't hide who we are. Dresses worn to the knee, or just above it can look beautiful and allow us to still feel like women. Have a few office appropriate dresses, especially with the warmer months on the way and try and few different style. The pencil or sheath look has typically been the “professional” option but we think you can look business-like with most dresses, when styled right. 

Menswear Inspiration
I know, I know. We have just talked about embracing being a women and wearing a dress, but fashion is fluid. Currently there is a strong trend towards menswear inspired fashion. Check out our blog: 18 Stylish Outfits Inspired by Menswear for more outfit inspiration but this style is definitely a hot one. You certainly won't look boring rocking up to the office in your menswear inspired outfit. With a feminine twist to it, of course! 

We hope that the tips above have inspired you to go out and play around with your office wardrobe. Check out some of our favorite work outfits below that you can copy and look anything but boring at work on Monday morning. AND if you purchase anything in store Post A Selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits — you could win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 
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