How to Rock All Tones of Blue? 12 Best Summer Looks

The color blue is one of those colors that can be worn in every season and it looks amazing. The shades of blue can be sorted into different categories for different age groups. Young girls wear almost every shade of blue and they look good in them. Women of an elderly age group prefer to wear soft shades of blue.


The shade royal blue looks amazing when worn by young women and also elder women.  Royal blue can be mixed with both golden and silver for formal outfits. Ladies prefer to make maxis in royal blue. One of the most wanted color combinations this season is royal blue with bright yellow. Plain dresses in blue are contrasted with yellow dupattas or yellow accessories. Another combination that look great with royal blue is white. White looks amazing when contrasted with royal blue.


All over the internet you’ll find blue outfits. Some are so gorgeous that you cannot keep your eyes away from them. A shimmery evening cup dress with a lot of shades of blue is perfect for a formal gathering. Team it up with a stylish pair of heels and a pair of statement earring and you are all set to go.


Different shades of blue are contrasted by designers with grey, silver, pink and orange to make beautifully contrasted dresses for the brides and women to wear and flaunt their styles in.


Navy blue is a color that has remained in fashion since 1960’s. The color goes well with women of all skin tones and is the type of color that can be worn to different occasions.

Blue shoes and bags are worn with different outfits in contrast and they look very classy. Blue compliments the color grey. So you can always wear a blue hand bag in contrast with a grey outfit and carry a perfect look for the day. These days we have reflector sunglasses in the market. These also come in shades of grey which look cool on a summer day and can be matched with a blue outfit.


This summer season you will see many designer dresses having a touch of touch of the color blue to them. Some designers pick blue as their base theme for the season because it is easily matched and contrasted with other colors and is blended well.


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