How To Rock Leather At Work : Chic Office Outfit Ideas

Leather happens to be a very versatile material when it comes to clothing. It is certainly wrong to associate it to biker chicks and rowdy gangs. If you know how to wear it right, leather can look amazingly sophisticated too. it isn’t all about hip huggers when it comes to leather. Here are ideas for decent looks pulled together with leather that will work for your office too.


-          Leather Cigarette Pants

No, leather pants don’t have to hug your body at all inappropriate places. Opt for leather leggings or embellished cigarette pants in leather and pair them with a feminine top. it could be silk or lace or anything that makes you feel classy and sophisticated. Complete the look with pumps and structured blazer as a layer on your top.


-          Leather Slouchies

If you’re in the mood for something relaxed, you could always opt for leather slouchies. The best thing about slouchies is the fact that they have wider cut and are very much relaxed as compared to fitted leather leggings or pants. If you choose to wear leather slouchies, you should pair them up with fitted shirts, tucked into your waist. Loafers would look amazing as a choice of footwear when you’re opting for leather slouchies at work.


-          Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather bomber jackets are a definite must have if you are a girl who knows her fashion and ensembles. If you’re feeling bolder and vivacious, go ahead and pair a pencil skirt and a colorful top with leather bomber jacket. Leather bomber jackets are always in style and look perfect for office wear too. suede pumps look best with skirts and leather jackets to office.


-          Leather Skirts

Leather skirts to office??? When they are comfortable in length, they look oh-so-chic for your office wear. Just make sure your leather skirt is paired right your shirt. Slinky fabrics are the best options when you’re looking for a befitting shirt to be worn with leather skirts. Also double check your skirt length because these tend to hitch up about 3 inches when you sit down. Leather skirts look best when worn with ankle booties so don’t forget to complete your look with matching ankle booties with sexy heels.


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