How to Style Up Your Cut Off Shorts

Cut-off shorts are probably a wardrobe staple for most women. They are so comfy and airy but are you sometimes at a loss as to how to make these easy-wearing shorts smart and stylish? We share our tips for the most effortless look during summer!


We have been scouring the top fashion blogs and style articles to seek out their advice on what works when it comes to styling up your go-to cut off shorts and we found some great examples of trendy street savvy outfits for the approaching hottest time of the year. 


Silk, chiffon and satin shirts all look amazing and really add a bit of class to your cutoffs. Keep it loose fitting and tucked in (or shirts with drawn hems to give the impression of being tucked it) and if you want to look extra sharp add a pastel or bright colored blazer to the mix. 


Accessories are a fantastic way to completely transform the same old outfit. A classic tee and cutoffs can be bohemian style, casual chic or party ready depending on the jewelry, footwear, makeup and headwear you choose to pair with it. Simple and affordable fashion enhancements. 


Cut-offs show off your legs and a great tan will always make them look just that little bit longer, smoother and sleeker. If you are not in sunnier climates but still love a pair of shorts, we suggest faking it with some easy to apply skin toners. The moisturizer is also great for soft skin, double the benefits!


Check out our styled up cutoffs outfits below and tell us what you think? We would love to hear about what you wear.  AND if you purchase anything in the store and post a selfie it to our social media with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits we will give you your cash back to spend it again!


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